Big Buddy Side-Kick 2-Man Ladderstand

Big Buddy Side-Kick 2-Man Ladderstand

Constructed of welded solid steel, the 16’ Side-Kick ladderstand provides support and stability for any pair of hunting partners. The Flex-Tek Zero Gravity Seat design, at a measurement of 38” Wide x 17” Deep is sure to provide all day comfort for any hunter. With its innovative design comes a fully padded shooting rail that flips up and out of the way for hunting convenience, and a wide stance foot platform measuring 38” Wide x 12” Deep. In keeping with the stable design is the use of a mounting system using one ratchet strap, two stabilizer straps, and an adjustable support bar. Weighing only 64 Lbs., The Side-Kick ladderstand supports a 500 Lb. weight capacity. Included are two TMA-Certified full body harnesses.

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