Hyskore Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest

Hyskore Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest

The Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest is designed to handle modern guns such as AR-15s and AK-47s with high capacity magazines and pistol grips and also permit the use of lever action, pump action, and bolt action guns without requiring the shooter to get out of position and / or removing the gun from the rest. In addition, the elevation assembly can be moved close to the rear gun support to make a perfect pistol and revolver rest. The elevation assembly uses an elegantly designed precision scissor mechanism with linear motion bearings that glide along polished steel rails. By turning the ambidextrous controls sub-millimeter adjustments are easily made. In addition, because the screw mechanism is 90 opposed to the direction of travel there is absolutely no creep or drift. The set includes a front filled leather rest bag, a rear rabbit ear filled leather rest bag, a magnetic bubble level, and a padded V-notch that can be used in place of the front rest bag. There is 4 point leveling and protective rubber caps are included to protect the points on the leveling jacks. The rear gun support has a choice of five locations so that whether you are a left-handed or a right-handed shooter the gun can rest securely on the rear gun support platform, and the shooter can be supported comfort(more…)

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