Kershaw Narrow Fillet Fishing Knife 7.5 in Blade


Kershaw Narrow Fillet Fishing Knife 7.5 in Blade

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Kershaw Narrow Fillet Fishing Knife 7.5 in Blade

The 7.5-in. Fillet is one of the key fillet sizes that every angler will want at the ready. In fact, if you could only have one fillet knife, this would probably be the size to choose since it can handle a wide variety of sizes. For instance, it’s great for filleting bass or smaller trout, but can handle both larger and smaller fish in a pinch. The blade is razor-sharp 420J2 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance-always important for use in a wet environment. The steel is also quite tough and easy to re-sharpen. What’s more,” it offers just the right amount of “”flex”” to make filleting easier and to preserve the delicate flesh and flavor of the fish. The handle features glass-filled nylon for durability and has a rubberized overmold with Kershaw’s exclusive K-Texture grip. The K-Texture pattern ensures you always have a secure hold-even in slippery conditions. For easy storage”, the 7.5-inch Fillet includes a blade protector.

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