Marinco Charger 10A (5/5) 12/24V On-Board Battery


Marinco Charger 10A (5/5) 12/24V On-Board Battery

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Marinco Charger 10A (5/5) 12/24V On-Board Battery

Marinco has added a host of features and technology for the ultimate performance and longevity in the marine environment. Digital microprocessor controlled, the ChargePro charger provides fast, accurate, efficient, full battery charging. Automatically monitors the battery power and begins the charge cycle either when power is low or every 14 days. The single-bank charger watches the battery bank, distributing power to provide the correct charge to keep the bank at full capacity. Key ChargePro features include universal voltage input (90-265V AC), ability to charge flooded lead acid or AGM batteries and revive a dead battery. This charger is fully potted to keep moisture and dust out, providing a longer life (IP65 rating). LED indicators communicate charge status and turn green when the battery is fully charged.

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