Football Sportsmanship

Jr. Wildcats

Good sportsmanship involves trying hard while playing fair, always being honest, and respecting the rules. Just think how it would make you feel if the other team cheated to win. Good sportsmanship is expected throughout all competition and practice.

Ways you can demonstrate good sportsmanship.

  • Support teammates after they make a mistake. Pick each other up!
  • Acknowledging a good play by others. Atta’ Boy!
  • Shake hands with the opponent’s and official’s after the game.
  • Control emotions and reactions when you disagree with a call.
  • Show empathy when an opponent or teammate gets injured.

How does a good sport act?

1 ) Play by the Rules. This applies to everything from sports to waiting your turn and not cutting in line.

2) Own Your Mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s not the end of the world. Being able to accept ownership of your own mistakes is huge.

3) Be a Team Player. Teamwork is another learned skill that progresses along with your development.

4) Avoid Trash Talk. It’s certainly ok to challenge each other and to be competitive, but be respectful. It’s never ok to say hurtful things.

5) Disagree Respectfully. Whether it’s a disagreement between you and your friends or the opponents. It’s important to be able to disagree and argue your point respectfully on and off the field.

Remember, you want everyone around you to have a great time and encourage each other to get better. What goes around comes around!!

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